FuturPension Försäkrings AB (2019)

FuturPension (formerly Danica Pension) is a Swedish life insurance company focusing exclusively on unit-linked life insurance business. As the cost leader in Sweden, FuturPension has increased its market share eightfold from 1% to around 8% over the last ten years and has consistently grown its assets under management with an average growth rate of more than 20% per year. In 2019 AuM have grown again from around €8 bn. to around €10 bn. through premium income of over €2 bn. We plan to support management in implementing its successful growth strategy in a spirit of partnership together with our investment partner Polaris Private Equity and co-investors.
For this investment, Acathia has established the investment vehicle Viking Life SCS which is backed by German insurers and pension funds and is lead investor in FuturPension.​

Investment details

  • Strongly growing life insurer with €10bn assets under management

  • Excellent market position based on cost leadership and good service quality

  • Support management in its successful development of FuturPension



  • Danske Bank



  • Viking Life SCS, Polaris Private Equity, Co-Investors

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